D-Net Communications

We are responsible for tomorrow.....

At D-Net Communication, we are of the opinion that people occupying the world today are responsible for tomorrow; as such in all we do, growth of our employees and improvement of our corporate values is important to us. One of the values is that when you pick your telephone to talk to us, you will be talking to a real human being no matter the hour of the day.

Our guiding principle is to create products and services that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable development, bridge digital divide, promote, preserve cultural identities and the materialization of a good life for the people of the world while being conscious of the environment..

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is - environment first, safety and high quality of life for our employees and satisfaction of our numerous customers. Our products and services are designed or deployed to contribute to realization of good life of our end users.

We are confident that we can create new value and deliver products that satisfy our customers.